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We aim to bring rescue drug autoinjectors to those who otherwise could not have afforded one.

Our Product

Ampule Compatible

The MedsForAll autoinjector can potentially utilize any medication that comes in a glass ampule and requires intramuscular delivery. Initially, our product will be compatible with epinephrine. Our product can provide an autoinjector to low resource settings that only have ampules.

Competitive Pricing

Designing our product separate from the drug allows us to create the device at a lower cost than our competitors. Our patent pending device is the only epinephrine autoinjector that allows for replacement of the medication upon expiration, eliminating the need to replace the entire device.

Safety Features

The world's first glass ampule autoinjector has been designed with safety features, dose consistency, and ease of use to ensure anyone can safely administer the medication. Our autoinjector will eliminate the need for manual injections with ampules, decreasing time to treatment.

Each year, over $1 billion dollars of Epinephrine autoinjectors are thrown away because the drug expires.

We can simply replace the drug, and keep the autoinjector. 

The epinephrine autoinjector market is looking for the lowest cost solution. 

MedsForAll is the solution.


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